Book Haul #14 - London 2014 pt3 - the modest one

I went to London from Sunday the 7th of December to Thursday the 11th and of course I raided several book stores :)

You can see my first post right here featuring the first 4 books I bought.
You can see my second post right here featuring the next 7 books I bought.

On my last trip to Waterstones (well, the last one where I allowed myself to buy anything - my suitcase was getting heavy, and despite my want to do otherwise, I can't buy all the books... or so my parents tell me) I bought a couple of books I've been wanting to get my hands on for ages - and they're so pretty!

  • The Great Bazaar & Bryan's Gold and The Messenger's Legacy by Peter V Brett are all short stories set in the world of The Demon Cycle series and I can't wait to read them!

So there you have it, my London Book Haul :)


  1. Det ser virkelig ud til, at du har fået købt nogle rigtig gode bøger på din London tur. Der er i hvert fald en del af dem, som jeg gerne selv ville eje :)

    1. Jeg er også godt tilfreds - når jeg nu ikke kunne få flere med hjem i denne omgang ;)


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