Mitosis by Brandon Sanderson


As you can tell from the other two reviews this week (in Danish and in English) I bloody well love Brandon Sanderson's first book in the Reckoner series, Steelheart.

I've been wanting ever since reading the first book to read the second Firefight which was published earlier this year, but owning too many unread books already I decided to wait a little - and then I found this one (thank you Goodreads!)

Mitosis is a short story set shortly after the ending of Steelheart and is filled to the brim with action as David is chased around town by an Epic out for his head.

It is every bit as well written as the main book and I loved the opportunity to revel in that universe a bit more.

As far as I can figure out it's only available digitally, costing just $2 as a kindle book (who can say no to a book at that price?). I will definitely be buy it as a physical book the second they publish it, just to be able to show it off :D

The Reckoners #1.5
by Brandon Sanderson
ISBN13: 9780449818435
Kindle book, 35 pages / Published in 2013

Review by Iben Jakobsen, BoB, 2015


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